E15 Finding Freedom: Choosing Your Connection to Happiness with Caitlin McCarthy

In this episode of More Than Good Food, we explore the concept of happiness. In episode 8, Dr. Jean Skillman said happiness is one of the pillars of health. She also said that happiness is a choice – a controversial

E14 How I got 21 hours a week of my life back with Kelly McCausey

In this podcast episode I am honoured to have Kelly McCausey join me to share her experience of finally getting deep and restful sleep and how being diagnosed and treated for sleep apnea, quite literally, transformed her life overnight. I

E13 How to get away from it all – camping tips from Christie Ellinger

I am blessed to know Christie Ellinger who is both my friend and accountability coach. I initially met her while transitioning from mortal agony and poor mobility to being a vibrant woman who could dance and lift things as she