E4 I am Not a Dairy Queen: Breastfeeding 3 Boys with Allergies with Meaghan Jackson

In today’s episode on More Than Good Food Meaghan Jackson shares her experience raising three boys. While breastfeeding is a very personal choice, Meaghan shares her challenges and unexpected journey with allergies.

About Meaghan Jackson

As you’ll hear, Meaghan is a mother to three active boys. In addition to homeschooling them, she helps to run their family business, is a consultant for Norwex and Young Living, and a blogger.  You can read more about her story at Joyful Mud Puddles.

Want more details?

You can also get in touch with Meaghan on Facebook @CleaningJoyfully where she shares deals for Norwex – environmentally friendly cleaning products to improve the quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in your home.

Note – I receive no financial compensation for any purchases made from Norwex. However, I am personally an avid user of their products.