E5 Is my clock actually ticking? with Mary Peric, ND

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Dr. Mary Peric, ND.

After hearing Meaghan Jackson share with us her experience breastfeeding three boys and working through allergies, I was delighted that Mary could join me to have a deeper conversation about pregnancy and some of her observations as a practitioner.

About Mary Peric

After years suffering with symptoms due to poor digestion and hormonal imbalances, Mary was thrilled to discover naturopathic medicine and utilize its therapies. She has a personal and special interest in helping individuals with digestive concerns as well as helping women with their reproductive health.

“Having recently given birth (at home!) to my first child, I’ve become very passionate about making the best choices for a healthy pregnancy, natural and empowering labour & delivery and a happy, healing transition into motherhood and the postpartum period.”

Want more details?

Mary brings her clinical experiences as a naturopathic doctor, as well as a wife and new mother – and loves to educate others on complementary healthcare options. If you would like to learn more, you can contact Mary at the Waterdown Clinic. There is an online booking option or you can call by phone 905.690.9151 or by email to mary@waterdownclinic.com.